Hospital overview

Hospital overview

Hospital Name Medical Corporation Kouseikai Takamoridai Hospital
Address 4-4-50,Takamoridai,Kasugai-shi,Aichi,487-0032,Japan
Number of hospital beds 160(Treatment type recuperation beds 160)
Hospital departments Internal medicine,Rehabilitation department
TEL 0568-91-0200
FAX 0568-91-0210

Major treatment functions

Recuperation beds

All hospital beds at our hospital are recuperation beds. Recuperation beds refers to “a facility where patients with stable conditions are provided with medical care such as recuperation management, nursing, and care and rehabilitation practice, etc. under medical management”, and our hospital’s patients have relative high car needs even for such a facility. The hospital rooms are 4-person rooms or less, and each patient has a spacious 8.4㎡ area at the least. There is also a spacious cafeteria and lounge provided. These beds are intended for patients who still have a high need for continued medical care at a hospital even after acute phase treatment is complete.

Patients are classified into levels 1-3 depending on their level of medical care need, and at our hospital we cover patients with relatively high need levels of 2-3. Our hospital staff with physicians, nurses, caregivers, rehabilitation specialists, pharmacists, nutritionists, radiologists, lab technicians, etc. who provide treatment and care to the patients. We also feature all necessary facilities such as functional training rooms and a cafeteria. The recuperation beds providing the best treatment, nursing, and care for the patient support the elderly and their families.

Treatment technology/support

We provide rehabilitation to maintain and improve functions under the guidance of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists.
A pharmacist will explain the effects and side effects of medicine to be used and how to use it. They will also take care to avoid complications from mixing medicine so patients can take their medicine with peace of mind.
A nutritionist will work together with physicians to provide detailed nutritional guidance to maintain and improve health.
Lab technicians conduct physiological function tests on the body’s movement, tests on specimens to examine the composition of blood, urine, sputum, etc., and pathological tests on the bodies organs and cells to prevent disease and provide diagnostic information the physician needs to understand the patient’s physical condition.
Medical radiological technicians provide quick and accurate images with diagnostic values.

Medical equipment

High-speed multislice CT (16 slices), X-rays, ECG, gastroscope, ultrasounds, blood gas analysis


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