About visitations

Visitation hours

Weekdays 14:00〜20:00
Saturdays、Sundays、and holidays 10:00〜20:00


Please keep the patient’s condition in mind and not the points of caution below.

  • For hygiene reasons, fresh flowers or potted plants cannot be brought into the hospital rooms.
  • Food and drink cannot be brought in.
  • We cannot answer any questions regarding patients over the telephone, etc.
  • When coming for visitation, you may be asked to wait outside the hospital room for patient care, etc.
  • Please avoid visitations inside hospital rooms of patients in infection isolation rooms as much as possible.
  • Please take care not to bother other patients.
  • In some cases visitation may not be possible due to the patient’s condition.
  • Please give sympathy/consolation money directly to the family. We do not accept it at the hospital.

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